Work out anytime, anywhere with the CustomFit app

March 31, 2016

Our cutting edge CustomFit app is a digital training system designed by Fitness First experts to keep you fit and motivated for life.

CustomFit, which made its debut on Season 2 of Fit for Fashion in January 2016, features over 800 exercises (with videos) and a FitnessLogicTM system, which will build a series of workouts based on each individual’s goals and training preferences. Want to be leaner, stronger, more athletic, or focus on a specific body part? The CustomFit app can help! Also, our fitness experts can create bespoke training programmes for our members for days when they can’t get to the gym, using the app.

Whether gym novice or fitness expert, you’ll be able to use the CustomFit app anytime, anywhere. Best of all… it’s free and available on the App store as well as Google Play.